Inspiration is a powerful tool. Inspired individuals work tirelessly toward a goal. They enjoy challenges as much as opportunities. They feel the abundant flow of ideas and innovation. They realize that inspiration is contagious, and thus make conscious efforts to inspire others. They achieve more with less effort. And perhaps most importantly, they enjoy what they're doing.

But inspiration is personal. Five people on a team may be inspired by five completely different things. Each person must determine his or her own source of inspiration. Through dialogue, assessments and 360 feedback, TWS can help individuals learn to invite inspiration into their personal and professional lives. To recognize inspiration when it hits, as well as the feelings and actions that follow. And to create action plans that align their life and work with those sources of inspiration and energy.

TWS offers individual coaching programs that can be customized to help you overcome a number of challenges:
  • Feeling stuck in an unrewarding, frustrating, going-nowhere job
  • Frustration finding a job, getting interviews or getting offers
  • Wanting to take a risk and start a new chapter in your professional life
  • Struggling to make changes or improve
  • Starving for more balance in life
  • Realizing your vision for success differs from your reality

We can help you gain awareness of what's not working, clarify and articulate your vision for success, find the inspiration and motivation to change, and adopt new behaviors. Together we'll stretch out of your comfort zone and take action!