Strengthening communication. Cultivating leaders. Driving results.

Every workplace has its own cultural DNA. It's the way people interact, communicate and engage with each other. If the people are healthy, the workplace is healthy. If the people are unhealthy or dysfunctional, then the same is true of the workplace. But it doesn't end there. This health (or dysfunction) is projected onto the company's products or services and, in turn, onto the vendors and customers.   

TeamWide Solutions develops leaders out of managers and executives. With coaching to improve Conversational Intelligenceā„¢, each and every team member from the top down can maximize effectiveness and play a compelling role within the company.

Founder and president Rhonda York is a professionally trained and certified coach with 16 years of experience advising businesses of all sizes and scopes. Under her guidance, clients have seen increased collaboration, stronger relationships, more cohesive teams, and greater trust across the board.