Empowered teams can achieve anything, because trust is the primary shared value. Teammates can be vulnerable with each other. They can engage in conflict and debate without fear of judgment or retaliation. They're able to commit to and carry out the mission and goals of the team. They maintain accountability among peers. And they're profitable. When communication, consideration and respect are present in the workplace, results are positive and outcomes are winning.

TWS helps you empower your team by boosting awareness, seeing possibilities and "trying on" new behaviors. You tell us what's really important to you, your organization and your team; then, we tell you what we've observed through individual and team assessments. Through leadership coaching, we'll help you recognize blind spots and behaviors that are hampering growth and achievement. And through team coaching and teambuilding, we'll help you identify obstacles, overcome challenges and improve the interpersonal relationships that impede success. Together, we create and implement an action plan based on your goals.

Pre-hire Assessments
The cost of hiring the wrong person is far greater than your investment in a viable pre-hire assessment. Using your comprehensive input, TWS will develop a benchmark for the position, assess your top candidates, generate a report for each and review the findings with you, ultimately helping you to decide on the best person to hire based on interview, reference checks and assessment results.

On-board Coaching
TWS can help new employees hit the ground running, minimizing the time it takes to acclimate to their new role. On-board coaching helps new hires learn the players and navigate the lay of the land quickly and efficiently. TWS will meet with the employee and manager to define goals and objectives, then utilize behavioral assessments to improve communication and enhance self-awareness.

Success Coaching
Terminating an employee is expensive. While sometimes it's the only answer to poor performance, there are times success coaching can be a worthwhile investment. It allows at-risk employees the opportunity to honestly and objectively address performance issues, co-develop a plan for improvement, and develop or regain confidence with the help of a third-party accountability partner.

Triad Coaching
Individuals can communicate very differently. With triad coaching, a discussion is facilitated between two parties who are having trouble getting on the same page. A coach ensures both participants feel heard, clarifies points to help both sides understand the opposing position, provides structure to a conversation that often loses focus, helps to keep emotions in check and neutralize heated discussions, and move participants out of anger or frustration and into action.

360 Feedback Assessments
It's difficult for managers and leaders to get honest feedback about their own performance. TWS can help. We email a completely anonymous survey to 15 raters of your choosing, from bosses and peers to direct reports and support staff. After reviewing the results with you, we'll decide together which leadership competencies to leverage and improve and create an action plan. Then, at the end of an agreed interval, we repeat the assessment and measure your success against the original benchmark.
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop
Through team benchmark assessments, individual personality type assessments and interactive problem-solving exercises, this workshop and intensive follow-up coaching program will help your team develop a deep foundation of trust that will lead to greater accountability, commitment and collaboration.

Succession Strategies
What might happen if you or your executive team members were suddenly unable to lead? Every organization, regardless of size, must have a succession strategy to identify, recruit and develop emerging leaders. TWS uses a highly validated assessment tool to help you assess current leaders to determine competencies for key positions, develop job descriptions and benchmarks for positions throughout the organizations, and assess job candidates.