TeamWide Solutions is a proud partner of the Creating WE Institute. An international group of consultants, practitioners, leaders and critical-thinkers, the Creating WE Institute is committed to harvesting new forms of engagement and innovation in the workplace, with a focus on business results and sustainability. Research has shown that both humans and businesses thrive in environments that foster trust and promote collaboration, which we refer to as a WE-centric workplace culture. With this as the cornerstone of its mission, the Creating WE Institute guides leaders to create the conditions that deepen trust and enable success, which results in reshaping the workplace culture from one that is I-centric to one that is WE-centric.

In this millennium, for the first time ever, five generations will converge in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials. Each generation has its own unique ways of communicating, working, and relating to others--which can be a frustrating dynamic in any workplace. The We-centric culture has never been so essential, as leaders face the challenge of understanding the motivations and leveraging the talents of each generation.
The Creating WE Institute's approach to coaching and consulting involves researching and benchmarking internal and external best practices. Then, we design state-of-the-art programs focused on inclusion, leadership, culture and performance. Our programs develop authentic leadership from the inside out and include groundbreaking work in the areas of gender intelligence, neuroscience, communications and psychology.

To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!
 - Creating WE Mantra