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Since 2004, we've helped numerous organizations overcome challenges in the areas of teambuilding, leadership development, and career transition. Here, they've provided their own accounts of the TeamWide Solutions experience.

Manufacturing & Sales

?Our company is going through significant growth from which we reap many benefits, experience new opportunities, and confront many challenges. Throughout this process, we have engaged the services of TeamWide Solutions to assist us in many areas of professional development. Rhonda York has provided coaching to our executive team and other members of our staff. TWS facilitated several interactive communication workshops with the management team, which resulted in more awareness of different communication and behavior styles and less friction in the workplace. ??As our growth continues, we are focused on getting the right people in the right seats. Sometimes this results in letting an employee go. In several situations, TeamWide Solutions has provided outplacement coaching to help former employees successfully transition into new positions. When hiring new employees, we rely on their expertise to assess candidates and provide feedback on whether a candidate is a good fit for the position and our company culture.

Rhonda coached eight members of our executive team and key employees, including myself. Through the coaching process, we have uncovered many areas of strength, identified areas for improvement, developed self-awareness, learned new skills for communicating with each other, and incorporated coaching techniques for managing our employees. As a result of the positive outcomes we have experienced, we will continue to work with TeamWide Solutions to assist us in our professional development needs.

- C.P., CEO, Manufacturing and Sales Company


Just a brief note of thanks to say that we have reaped significant benefits by participating in the teambuilding training offered by TeamWide Solutions. Thank you for designing an exceptional training experience tailored to our team and work culture. My staff has remarked that the environment was like none other they have experienced--a safe and fun experience where they felt fully self-expressed.??The results? We have newfound respect and admiration for the individual personalities, skills and talents each person brings to the table. The tension and petty comments have disappeared from the workplace. Teamwork is evident. The team is focused on results and specific outcomes rather than individual accomplishments. This "esprit de corps" is evident among us, between us and in our relationships with our clients, volunteers, and other stakeholders. We are totally satisfied. We look forward to your followup visits to see that we are "on task" (that's the Fire in me) and creating a supportive, fun workplace (a splash of Water and free as the Breeze!).

- S.T., Executive Director, Non-Profit Agency


Through the leadership course in the MBA program with the McColl School of Business at Queens University, I was afforded the opportunity to establish a coaching relationship with Rhonda York. My coaching relationship was very enlightening, enjoyable, and beneficial to my growth and development career-wise and to my personal pursuits.

Because of the quality coaching that I received, at the conclusion of each session, I truly looked forward to our next discussion. Much of this is due to the fact that Rhonda is a very easy person to talk with and relate to. She used real-time examples when I asked questions and sought advice, and placed the ownership on me to drive the coaching sessions with my current needs. This kept me accountable for the results that were achieved, and because it is very difficult to help someone who does not want to help themselves, I feel that this is a very effective coaching strategy.

With that said, Rhonda did not make the sessions completely easy on me. She constructively asked "the next question" and somewhat challenged my thought process, which opened my eyes to some of my hidden biases. [With Rhonda's coaching, I learned] a different way of thinking about various situations that have occurred and/or may arise in the future. I also appreciated the fact that Rhonda took time to learn of various pursuits in my personal life as this very much affects my career goals. I highly recommend Rhonda York to anyone who is willing to invest a little time and effort towards a coaching relationship that is sure to pay great dividends in the future.

- M.A., Officer, Corporate Accounting & Reporting, Wells Fargo

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