Poor communication is detrimental to a team's ability to succeed. We've found that the Path Element Profile™ (PEP) assessment and learning tools can help bridge the communication gap among team members, clients, and even friends and family members. The PEP assessment uses the four universal elements (earth, water, wind and fire) to describe behavior and communication styles, allowing us to better understand each other.

The PEP assessment on its own will provide an individual with greater self-awareness; however, coupled with our ½-day PEP team workshop, your entire organization will benefit. You'll quickly notice team-wide transformations, like more clarity in meetings, greater leverage of individual strengths, better rapport among team members, more direct interactions and fewer conflicts.

PEP Essential Elements

Steady, dependable, structured, focused, detail-oriented, slow-moving, organized, methodical

Quick-moving, changing, idea-generator, engaging, spontaneous, flexible

Easy-going, reflective, malleable, supportive, buoyant, team-oriented

Bold, assertive, risk-taker, decisive, action-oriented, visionary, results-oriented

What People Say About The
PEP Up Your Team Workshop

The best thing about the PEP is  you'll always remember what you are ... PEP is unlike the other assessments that use unfamiliar letters and terms to describe behavior styles ... - J.S., Finance Manager

When you think about the properties of the universal four elements you can easily figure out the PEP type of your  customers or anyone else you interact with ... - S.D., Sales

The PEP assessment described me to a T and the workshop exercises and role play helped me learn how to communicate better with my teammates; especially with anyone who is my opposite element type ... S.B., Program Manager 

We've taken the PEP to the next level in our office. We publish everyone's PEP essential element on our intra-company phone list and new hires take the PEP assessment as part of the on-boarding process. It helps to know how people prefer to be communicated to; especially if they are new to the team ... C.P, CEO